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Since 2007 Morse Code has not been required by the FCC to become a ham radio operator in the United States of America. But it can be invaluable in some circumstances such as, poor atmospheric conditions where reception of voice communications is not possible, Morse Code may make the difference between making a contact or not.

Now is the perfect time to get your license, if the rules change again and require Morse Code it will make it more difficult to get your license .

Ham radio is invaluable in the communication world during times of natural or man made disasters. When the internet is down, cell phones and land lines are out of commission the only form of communication to affected areas often is ham radio. Also if you live in a remote area ham radio might be the only form of communication with the outside world unless you can afford a satellite phone or satellite internet connection.

Ham radio is an excellent hobby and sport. You can talk with people that are local or around the world, you can compete in contests or help out in time of emergencies.

I have personally only been licensed since August 2008 and have enjoyed my time I have spent on the air although I have not spent as much time as I would have liked to. I look forward to the future when I have nothing to do but make new friends in the ham world.

73 Paul KJ4GIH